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Review - Hatsune Miku Project DIVA f (PS Vita Update - Import)


Surprised is the way I described my feelings towards the vocaloid rhythm game that launched on PS3 last year. It was a port from the original PS Vita version that launched in Japan a year prior and now that version is also making it’s way to the west.

Review | OlliOlli


"…super engaging and satisfying gameplay…"

Skateboarding games have introduced a lot of people to a thing they never even knew they enjoyed with both arcade and sim style titles giving gamers a good taste of the extreme sport. The last decade has seen the growth and the collapse of the genre, does OlliOlli re-kindle some of the better experiences of the genre?

Review | Killzone: Shadow Fall (Single Player)


“[Killzone] …has always been a benchmark to show off shiny new Playstation hardware…”

The long running Killzone franchise has always been a benchmark to show off shiny new Playstation hardware, but unfortunately never really took things beyond that with the latest entries in the series not making huge steps to make the gameplay or story reach the same levels as the visual and audio design. 

Review | Knack


“[Knack] spends a lot of time trying to be inoffensive[…], but that might be its biggest downfall.”

Knack is a game made to fill a slot in a lineup of launch titles, you have your racers (Need For Speed Rivals), your shooters (Killzone: Shadow Fall, Call Of Duty: Ghosts) and you have Knack, a platformer/combat game with cartoony visuals and simple gameplay. It spends a lot of time trying to be inoffensive and appeal to everyone, but that might be its biggest downfall.

Review | Tearaway


“…the most engaging and exciting game to hit the handheld…”

Tearaway is the best reason to own a PS Vita. Tearaway is also the best game I’ve had the pleasure of playing this year. Go Buy It. 10/10.

Seriously though, Tearaway manages to take advantage of the PS Vita hardware to create the most engaging and exciting game to hit the handheld as well as sucking you into the papery world that has been created with love and care with every small detail likely to bring a huge dumb grin to your face. 

Review | Ratchet & Clank: Nexus


“…might feel a little familiar.“

Ratchet & Clank have been around for some time and even fans of the franchise were beginning to tire of the usual formula that has been tweaked with new controls and focuses throughout the many sequels. The previous two games in the series have tried to break away from the main series of game with All 4 One focusing on single screen co-op gameplay and Full Frontal Assault focusing on bases and resembled a MOBA in multiplayer. These attempts at mixing up the classic formula weren’t exactly up to the quality that the series has become known for, so here’s Ratchet & Clank: Nexus to return to the classic formula with added gravity based traversal and some new weapons that might feel a little familiar. 

Review | GTA Online


"…an empty and uneventful playground…"

GTA Online has one mission total – go here, kill/collect this thing, come back. Early trailers and promotional previews would have made you think that this online portion of GTA V would be an ambitious project where players will meet and be able to partake in a number of different missions with story cutscenes and all the bells and whistles usually reserved for single player campaigns. Unfortunately, the multiplayer open world only serves as an empty and uneventful playground where players can launch boring missions and matches.

Review | The Wolf Among Us Episode One: Faith


"…shows a lot of promise."

Telltale Games made a huge impact last year with their episodic take on The Walking Dead graphic novels with praise showered on it from the majority of people who experienced it. Whatever followed in its footsteps was always going to have a tough time making as big an impact, but this first episode of a new series based on the Fables series shows a lot of promise.